I regularly check Itjobswatch website for statistics related to IT jobs and Microsoft Power BI (Consulting service we offer) and recently there was a major change in top 5 IT skills where we suddenly got Social Skills as #3 most in demand skills.

Let’s start with a definition of social skills. ITJobswatch puts in brackets interpersonal, communication which essentially is a soft skill related to how we communicate at work with our colleagues or clients and may including verbal and non-verbal communication like emails etc.

See below the most in demand skills in IT with #3 being Social Skills.

We can assume ITJobswatch decided that social skills are very important for job success and therefore added it, however I wanted to learn more why social skills are so important so I asked Itjobswatch for their reasons, this is the email reply I got.

The decision to publish social skills information on the public website was for several reasons, including:

* Ethics and complexity are important factors in engineering. Social skills will play an increasingly important role in reaching desirable outcomes.
* Website visitor feedback suggests there is a need for greater awareness and a better understanding of the demand for social skills.

Because Social skills ranks #3 in top skills is tells us clearly why social skills are important for job success! There are over 19k IT jobs that mention social skills (in the last 6 months) which is 20% of all IT Jobs, the 20% may sound low as it’s just 1 in 5 however social skills is something that people assume as one of the most important skills for job success therefore it’s for many it’s obvious a candidate should have strong social skills and they don’t even put it on a job description.

Here’s my own list of top 5 reasons why I believe social skills are important for job success:

  • It’s very important during interviews, having a skill to clearly present your strengths and experience to a potential employer or client is very important, as interview is often a display of your communication and presentation skills.
  • Having strong social skills means we create a friendly and effective environment at work which avoids conflicts and support collaboration and mutual understanding.
  • Being able to clearly present your points can impact success of your project or users satisfaction.
  • It requires good listening skills that are essential to understanding other people’s views and needs.
  • It can make us more happy at work, with a skill that knows how to avoid artificial pressure or conflicts, and make ourselves more resilient to emotional reactions.

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