I had a great interest in Financial Freedom dashboard webinar that supposed to happen on 19th of Jan 2021, however I have decided to postpone it until 19th of April 2021 for several reasons.

1) Health.

Side effects of my medication for schizophrenia has been a problem for a long time and I decided to deal with it and give more focus to experimenting with new medication and supplements, so I hope I can sort it out within a month or two.

2) Unexpected interest, but problem with registration.

I had over 1,000 registrations for the webinar using LinkedIn event Invites however only 40 people registered properly which is less than 5%. I made the mistake NOT to request an email address, and next time I’ll ask for an email address, so I can send emails with reminders to register with my webinar software.

3) Give more!

I realized that my content for the webinar is very high pace and I could do an entire day out of that, so I have decided to do first event which will be an introduction and every month I will do additional webinar to go into more details which may require 6 more webinars.

Achieving financial freedom requires to understand the topic more in depth and I believe this will be more beneficial to everyone than a single intro session.

I’m giving myself 3 months to prepare everything and I hope this will be a great success in April 2021. Registration for the event is here.

Share your thoughts about this webinar in the comments section.

LinkedIn: Why postpone financial freedom dashboard webinar

Take care



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