Microsoft Power BI is a leading self-service BI tool that is the most in demand tool based on Power BI permanent and contract jobs and the demand continues to grow at a quick fast pace.

Power BI is also a top leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

What differentiates Power BI from competition is Microsoft BI eco-system as it’s not just Power BI, be also have Enterprise level looks like SQL Server BI Stack, Azure with Data Factory and many other analytics tools. It’s also part of Microsoft Office 365 and close relate to other Microsoft tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 which makes it very appealing for businesses looking for well integrated tool with strategic view.

Power BI has been officially introduced in 2015 although it was in development for over 5 years before that, and used as an Excel add-in, however still it’s a relatively new tool and took a few years for it to compete with main competition, but now that most important and basic features were developed, most new updates focus on refinements and also feature that are not available in tools provided by competition, and it’s likely the a certain gap in what competition has or is better at will be reduced with new updates.

Power BI makes a lot of sense both from a strategic enterprise level and departmental or team level, and with it’s excellent pricing for Pro license, it is a very affordable tool that gives a lot of feature, integration and entire BI ecosystem that will tick a lot of boxes even for the most demanding users and businesses.

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