Our promise is to deliver for you top quality Power BI dashboards and reports with WOW & AHA effect that makes a difference to you! + do it in the most affordable & flexible way with excellent customer service.

Why us?

  1. WOW & AHA Effects – Let’s face it the most important output of Power BI are visual dashboards and reports and we ensure that the they are visually appealing and have a WOW factor, that is also why we have a graphic designer in our team! and also we pay extra attention to usability of your dashboards and reports to ensure you have a AHA effect as well.
  2. Expertise – Our consulting company has been founded by Emil a Business Intelligence Expert who spend 15+ years delivering top quality complex solutions to large scale businesses, including high value projects like High Speed 2 which project cost is £100+ billions. Emil is also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Business Intelligence, Scrum Master and of course Power BI certified. Emil’s goal was always to find a better way to deliver Business Intelligence solutions and make them more efficient, and more impactful for the business, and after years of experience, he decided to design a unique service called Flexi Team that contains all his experience, knowledge and ideas to offer to businesses a highly efficient and affordable service that is primary based on expertise and quality.
  3. Quality – Each of our team members complies with our best practices, standards and processes to ensure you get a solid and repeatable framework for delivering high quality Power BI solutions.
  4. Price – Our price per day is very low and that is because we do projects remotely so don’t have office or travel costs, we keep our costs to minimum like marketing, recruitment etc., and we have a modest margin that combination means we can offer a very low price per day.
  5. Efficiency – as you know price per day is important however efficiency is another factor to calculate true cost of a project, and we aim to run at a very high 95% efficiency and that means that on average our delivery of tasks and projects will be close to the minimum time realistically achievable. We manage to do that because we have no down time, which typically can reduce efficiency by 10% to 30%, in other words if we are waiting for things to happen we don’t charge you for that! We also have introduces processes where we use Azure DevOps Boards to manage our projects, stories and tasks and that keep efficiency very high, also each team members records time against a task to ensure things are done proficiently.
  6. Flexibility – Our core design of our Flexi team is around flexibility and that means we can provide you with resources for your project at short notice, scale up and scale down at short notice, increase or decrease hours our teams works in a particular day, week or month to satisfy your project needs, and we also accept part-time and ad-hoc requirements to better fit needs that are not a standard full-time role.

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