I’ve been asked on LinkedIn a number of times what is EFT?

In this article I will not explain in details what it is but I will give you explanation why I use it weekly with an EFT practitioner and what benefits I get out of that.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and in simple terms it is used to re-programme your unconscious mind and body. In other words it’s a “clean up” software, let’s compare it to a printer which prints unclear images or text and you perform “clean cartridges” and after a few times images and text are crystal clear and properly aligned.

This metaphor is very good because it shows that there is nothing wrong with your body (hardware) but only the part that is used to create images and text, which you can think about like your unconscious impacting your thoughts, words, actions and behavior which are something misaligned with who you are right now and require a tidy up.

I’ve come across EFT probably about ten years ago, and did self-study and I did get results but I have done improperly and due to my high level of emotional and mental problems I couldn’t apply it effectively, but I was still getting noticeable results.

In Nov 2018 I had experienced severe trauma which soon after broke my mind and I experienced episode of Schizophrenia, which is considered by many on the of the hardest mental health disorders.

In May 2019 because I wasn’t taking anti psychotics medication I had relapse of trauma and second and very severe episode of Schizophrenia where I lost consciousness for 3 weeks and stayed in a hospital for 3 months.

A few months later I finally decided to treat myself, not with EFT but Havening Techniques which is pretty much the same thing and it worked!

I managed to release the biggest trauma from my life and things started to be easier.

I read some books related to Schizophrenia and they pointed that psychotherapy is effective.

I found a practitioner who uses similar technique to EFT but a different variation but the biggest change was that she was focusing on my beliefs and that was my missing critical puzzle, I focused so much on resolving emotions but couldn’t quite get results I wanted, and focusing on emotions and beliefs had a tremendous increase in effectiveness.

I did a few session, but I didn’t like the therapists, she wasn’t listening to me, she wouldn’t adjust to my needs etc, but still she was the best I could find so I continued until I couldn’t find anything to do.

A few months later I returned with new things, to the same person, fortunately at the same time I found a psychologist specializing in personality and she helped me a lot in understanding my emotions and beliefs and that was what I needed to identify precisely my unconscious problems.

Few weeks later I started to look for EFT practitioner and I found an excellent one, so I gave up on the other person that was rather unpleasant and switched to a very pleasant person who would really carefully listen to me and focus on resolve my issues.

Since December 2019 I have weekly EFT session with her and I plan to continue at least for a year, and likely for much longer.

Her approach is a bit different, she still focuses on beliefs, which is how I found her on google, but she focuses on daily issues and not so much on the past and that was exactly what I needed as I already did a lot of the past stuff, and focus on daily meant I could see results pretty much every week.

After a few months, we managed to resolves a lot of critical beliefs, my confidence increase, my worrying aspects significantly decreased, clarity of my communication increased, my happiness level significantly improved, making intelligent decisions significantly improved.

I did try to figure out why so few people use this method, research published on pubmed shows that EFT is the most effective method for treating emotional / mental problems which pretty much solves anything related to thoughts, beliefs, words, behavior, addictions and pretty much anything you can think of, including unexplained “emotional” pain which doesn’t have physical explanation.

For example treating anxiety has 95% efficiency in 3 sessions. I consider it a miracle treatment. Anything close to 100% efficiency in several session for a specific issue, is for a miracle treatment, an I call it miracle because an average person method to deal with these problems are either ineffective or very lenghty.

Still, very few people I talked about it, didn’t even try it.

I find it very bizarre and I did question people about it, and after let say 30min chat they would other say, I don’t know why, I’m oblivious, or I don’t trust what you say.

In other words all answers are irrational, which is amazing because EFT biggest benefit is to make you who you are and make you rational so you know better yourself, obviously knowledge of personalities, temperament, values etc. are very important to achieve that, so it’s not an easy journey, but well worth the benefits.

I personally have no particular interest in convincing anyone to use it, but still I share for those who see a benefit they can get, and will grab the opportunity without hesitation and take action to either learn more or simply book a session.

If you want to prepare for EFT, I’m happy to have a call with you, as you may know I do free advice a few hours a week as a hobby, but do that only if you are serious about this, as I don’t want time wasters, who take no action to help themselves, their family or friends.

Take care


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