We designed a unique service called Flexi Team that solves key inefficiencies, problems and minimizes risks of running a Power BI Project.

When I was thinking about how I can design a service that would solve clear problems and also the more hidden outs, I have started with identifying certain problems which are:

  1. Power BI Consulting is expensive! It’s quite typical for large consulting companies to charge around £1000/day ($1500/day) which is not surprising as there are many inefficiencies, expenses and quite a big margin.
  2. The total cost of the project is very high! This is no surprise as cost per day is very high but also there are inefficiencies in the project that make the project to last longer and cost more.
  3. Inadequate quality! Even with very high day prices, you are not guaranteed to have a subject matter expert, and that’s from experience working on rescue or audit projects that simply failed. This typically happens for high complexity projects but may happen to smaller or less complex solutions.
  4. Inconsistent implementation! When you get someone who brings their own ways of working instead of following an established best practices, standards and processes, you end up with every developer doing things differently.
  5. Not looking great or not usable. Building dashboards and reports that have both WOW and AHA effect is not so easy, as generally developers are not graphic designers or usability experts.

Flexi Team essentially means that instead of a single resource, you get access to a team of developers from global or local market, that work collaboratively on a project and provide you with many benefits.

Our Flexi Team service solves the above and other problems in the following ways:

  1. We keep our price very low by:
    • Working remotely
    • Offering global Flexi Team team from low cost countries.
    • Having low recruitment, marketing and sales costs.
    • Having small margin.
    • Mixing Senior developers with Intermediate/junior developers with focus on lowest total cost per task/project.
  2. Our efficiency is very high 95% for the following reasons:
    • We don’t charge your for down time which typically is between 10% to 30% inefficiency.
    • We manage projects efficiently using Scrum process and Azure DevOps boards
    • We monitor performance by recording time of each task.
    • We choose a team member to deliver a task with lowest total cost.
  3. We provide flexibility
    • We provide resources at short notice.
    • You can scale up and scale down the team on short notice
    • You have option to increase resources temporarily to hit a deadline.
  4. We provide expertise
    • We have Experts in the team to deal with complex and important aspects of a project.
    • We have Developers to efficiently deliver tasks.
    • We even have a Graphic designer to create a WOW effect.

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