Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool that can help you integrate and visualize data in order to support your business needs.

It is used to develop Dashboard & Report that the users can view to track progress, perform data analysis or find required information.

Power BI is also a data integration tool which is refer to as Power Query and this component can be used to connect one or multiple source of data into a single data model that will allow to easily develop dashboards and reports using drag & drop.

Using Power BI we can perform easily simple calculation and very complex ones with the use of DAX that is a very robust calculations language also known as Data Analysis Expressions.

Power BI can be used as a desktop install called Power BI Desktop, it’s for free, and it’s mainly used to integrate data and develop dashboard and reports, we can than use the reports and publish them to Power BI Service which is an online portal that you access using your browser and provides you with additional functionality, main one being ability to securely share reports using workspaces.

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