Understanding in depth my personality is one of my top goals for 2021!


  1. To feel good about myself!

There are many situations, in particular in my childhood where I felt there is something wrong with me, what I didn’t understand is two things, one, I’m 97% introvert and that’s a lot! and second according to 16 personalities I have the rarest personality INFJ or second rarest personality INTJ, although in reality I feel and think that I’m 50/50 as one test was 51% feeling, 49% thinking and on the second test (different website) it was a little bit more thinking then feeling which gives me two close personalities (INFJ/INTJ).

After reading the personalities, it does explain a lot about my own way of thinking, behaving, acting, my life choices, and also my doubts, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses.

With my personality I often analyze a lot in my head! Which can back fire when it comes to feeling good about myself, and my solution this year is to understand my personality as often I feel most comfortable with things when I fully understand it and I have a clear answer without doubts, so I can STOP THINKING and over-analyze things, and thinking too much is something where I would like to either put to good use (another aspect of my personality) or find a solution where I feel balanced and peaceful.

2. Make choices according to my personality

Did I make all my life choices so far according to my personality?

I must admit that I did very often behave according to my personality, it’s strange, because I had a lot inner-conflicts, however mostly my choices (when I had one) would be one that fits the personality descriptions (INFJ/INTJ). It would have been much easier and I probably would use more effectively if I actually understood better my personality.

3. Understand my and others personality (resolve conflicts)

My personalities are actually one of the most misunderstood personalities, for instance I don’t talk much (at least small talk scenarios), but I do listen, the only thing is I’m thinking in my head without telling you! I do remember in the past when I learnt about communication that I should verbalize my thoughts, and simply say something like “Give me a moment to think about it”, so this year I’ll try to figure out how I can improve my communication to be more understood by other personalities.

One of the challenges of personalities is that there “opposite” personalities, that typically are on a very different wave length and may result in frequent conflict. The solution for me, is to utilize best my personality, and communicate with others according to their personality, so goal for this year is to improve my knowledge related to other’s people personalities, and see how I can better utilize it.

4. Understand my life’s values

We all have unique values, and I like to be aware of them and live according to them. Goal for this year is to refine my existing life’s values and let go of those which don’t serve me, and focus on those that are very important to me and make them work with my personality.

For instance my problem in the past was money, I would prefer to share my knowledge for free, however that had a negative impact on my finances, and after getting into financial troubles due to long term illness, managing money became a very important life value to me, which interestingly I have converted into something I can talk about, for instance I’ll be doing a webinar Financial Freedom Dashboard, you can check upcoming webinars here.

5. Deal with unresolved emotions

In my previous blog post I wrote about how to deal with unresolved emotions using self havening technique and my belief is that our personality gives us a lot of clues why there is inner self conflict that results in highly emotional situation that often may lead to a trauma or very bad experience that will “replay” in the future whenever we come something similar (triggers).

I used personalities during my therapies with others to very quickly identify core events and underlining “personality conflict” and clear it using the havening techniques. These days I offer only life coaching, but I still use this key information to help people deal with unresolved emotions, identify life’s values and make better choices according to their personality.

When I do a free life coaching session (Introduction call) I start by asking to complete two personality tests: empathy style and 16 personalities, as in my opinion that gives me much greater opportunity to understand my client’s personality and how they work and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses, and align their personality to life’s values and goals which are quite unique for each personality, but at the same, even with the same personality type we all have different life’s values which is what makes us truly unique.

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