I’m writing a book called How to become a Power BI Developer (UK Version) which I hope to publish early 2021.

I’m looking for people who live in UK and who would like to get a free copy of the book (in word document) and review it so I can gather feedback and improve the content before making the book available to everyone on Amazon UK.

Anyone who participates will have a chance to win £250. I will select one person randomly and give the money prize around the day I publish the book.

If would like to review my book please:

  1. Share with me your LinkedIn Profile so I can verify you live in UK (main requirement)
  2. Agree to provide feedbacks about the book content so I can digest it and think about ways to improve it.
  3. Agree that you will not share or copy the content of the book.
  4. Let me know what motives you to review my book.

If you agree and meet the criteria please send me a message on LinkedIn using my profile Emil Glownia Linked In. In the message, please include reason what motives you to review my book.

Take care


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