If you are an owner of a User Group and would like us to present one of our sessions, then have a look at the session description for “Power BI Report Usage Dashboard”.

Session Description:

What is one of the most important KPI after you deliver Power BI reports/dashboards to users?

Without doubts one of it will be the actual usage of reports where we can answer questions like:

  • How many users accessed a report (or workspace)?
  • What are the most popular reports?
  • Are there any reports that are not being used?
  • What is the users usage trend?
  • Usage by Department etc.
  • Report performance.

Power BI does offer multiple ways to access or gather usage statistics, although all of them have some kind of limitations, so in this session I will present you with most popular ways to access usage information using build-in options, and also show you how to create a bespoke dashboard that overcomes some of the limitations that you will be able to download and refine to your own needs.

This webinar will:
* Show build-in usage reports with its limitations.
* Explore ways to extract usage data and its limitations.
* Present a Power BI Report usage dashboard that you can download and use yourself.

This webinar is for people who:
* Would like to learn about available options for report usage.
* Would like to implement a report usage dashboard.

BIO: Emil is a Microsoft Certified solutions expert in BI and has 15 years’ experience in BI with Microsoft tools with focus on Power BI projects. He co-founded with his wife Katie a Power BI Consulting company (Katie & Emil LTD), he is an international speaker, blogger and author of a book “A career with Microsoft Power BI”.

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