One of our services we offer is Power BI coaching, which is done online using Skype or Microsoft Teams.

We offer this service for both personal use and business use.

Why Power BI Coaching?

There are many reasons why you might be interested in finding a Power BI coach and the popular reasons are:
  • You are new to Power BI and would like an overview.
  • You would like to learn from an Expert.
  • You would like to learn quickly by learning the most important topics.
  • You would like to ask questions and receive answers during the session.
  • You would like a coach to guide you in your learning.
  • You would like to clear any incorrect assumptions related to Power BI.
  • You would like to learn best practices.
  • You would like to learn, understand or master DAX.
  • You would like to improve chances of getting a new job.
  • Or you may have another reason not listed here.

Is Power BI coaching right for me?

We recommend to start with a free consultation where we will ask you what is your goal you want to achieve (or help you define it) and we will tell you if it’s something we can help you and give you an idea what you can expect in coaching sessions.

What time of day can I have an online session?

We understand you may prefer to do it during working hours, after / before work or during weekends, and as we work flexible hours during the day, we offer coaching sessions between 7am and 9pm UK Time, Monday to Sunday, which hopefully will suit your preferences and time zone.

How much is the session?

Please check pricing page, currently only Emil provides coaching.

Book a free consultation

If you are interested in our Power BI Online coaching services, you can book a free consultation by simply using our contact form.

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