Have you wondered how much a Power BI consultant is paid on a day rate or hourly rate?

I discussed rates and salary in my free ebook “A Career with Microsoft Power BI” and in this post I would like to expand on it and also narrow it down to a single role which is a Power BI Consultant.

Let’s start with a definition of a consultant, in this post I define it as a person providing Power BI services to clients which typically refers to consulting business, freelancer or employee providing consulting services to an employer’s clients.

I also assume that when we talk about a consultant in this post we mean an experienced Power BI subject matter expert.

As you know Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari are well knowns as Power BI subject matter experts providing Power BI training and consulting services.

Marco & Alberto are the most expensive Power BI consultants I know, they offer remote consulting on their website and prices are $500/h (£350/h) which is $3,750/day (£2,650/day) assuming 7.5h day and pricing drop for a slightly bigger pieces of work (40h) to $375/h (£265/h) which is daily rate of $2,800/day (£1,900/day).

In the UK we have quite a few Power BI consultant roles advertised and according to IT Job watch typical rates for a contractor and rates vary from a typical rate of £500/day ($707/day) which is £67/h ($95/h) and rates go up to £850/day ($1,200/day) which is £113/h ($160/h)

The above rates should be quite similar for a freelancer in developed countries, and prices will drop quite a bit for countries like India, and you can get an experienced Power BI Consultant with rates sometimes below $50/h.

Personally, my highest day rate as a contractor and Power BI Consultant in the UK was £750/day ($1,060/day) and most long term contracts that I have done were typically £500+/day ($707+/day).

For smaller pieces of work or consulting I typically charge £100+/h ($140/day).

In my Power BI consulting business (Katie & Emil LTD) I came up with an idea of Power BI Flexi Team where we assign a Senior Power BI consultant to manage client needs and expectations and the development is done by one of our team members.

With this set up (Senior consultant + Developer) our prices are very competitive and start at £33/h ($47/h) which is £250/day ($350/day) and go up depending on length of the project, full-time vs part-time vs ad-hoc, project complexity and urgency.

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