One of my 2021 goals is to become a Microsoft MVP in Power BI, or at least be nominated in 2021 and try to become one in 2021/2022.

I’ve read blog posts and watched videos, and even written my own blog post on how to become a Microsoft MVP, which is all good for general information gathering, but in this post I want to create a plan for myself to become a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform category and more precisely with my Power BI contributions.

The main criteria for the recognition is obviously contributions and there are lots of ways to contribute, however one of my biggest challenges is time as due to my Schizophrenia Mental health illness and medication’s side effects my focus time (productive time) has been significantly reduced and after 2 years of recovery is at around 35% of what it used to be, and if I exclude work time, it leaves me very little time every week so I need choose carefully what to do so I don’t overcommit myself but at the same time contribute sufficiently to become a Microsoft MVP every year.

My Power BI contributions plan is:

  1. Write a Power BI book which I have already done and published in Jan 2021 and make yearly updates.
  2. Speak at webinars, user groups, conferences. Currently I only have 1 session prepared but hope to create another one in 2021 and at least two new ones every year until I have enough content to rotate.
  3. Do daily (5 days a week) social media posts on LinkedIn which will cover:
    1. Power BI Job statistics
    2. Power BI new features
    3. Voting
    4. Power BI Career Tips
    5. Power BI News

4. Create videos once a week or two weeks that will cover content of my book but converted into short videos, which will be a small project for me that will likely last a few months.

5. Create occasionally a blog post or write an article.

Regarding award nomination, I will need an existing MVP or Microsoft Employee to nominate me, however that shouldn’t be much of a problem with webinars / user groups as a lot of organizers are MVPs or Microsoft Employees, so I will just have to ask someone.

I will keep track of my contributions on separate page which should help someone to review what I have contributed each year.

Take care


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