I was so confused about my content strategy over the years, mainly because I didn’t think properly about things, my business ideas were not clear at all, and didn’t have a clear strategy, I had to give up my e-learning website, and start from scratch!

In 2022 I am for first time in my life in a position where I actually have a very clear idea about my LinkedIn content strategy for my personal profile / page and my company page or more precisely company pages as I have a commercial business and I’m planning to set up a charity soon.

One important decision was that I will use only LinkedIn for my content strategy and I will not use facebook, twitter, instagram, tiktok, the only exceptions to that is that I will also upload my content from LinkedIn to my website (as Google doesn’t always pick up LinkedIn articles) and I will also create videos on YouTube, but they will be driven from my LinkedIn Articles, post, and polls.

One of my problems was that I am interested in many things, like running my business in Business Intelligence / BI (LinkedIn company page Katie & Emil which I will rename soon to KEBI Intelligence), that focuses currently on Microsoft Power BI, and provides mainly consulting but also in 2022 we will start offering training and recruitment, I also plan to set up a charity in 2022 and already have a LinkedIn company page called KOKORO Intelligence, which will focus on helping unemployed get a job in BI / IT and also raise awareness with mental health disorders, mainly schizophrenia which is my own illness, and hopefully in the future we will also help people with mental health or emotional problems.

One of my most important decisions was to separate my business / charity pages from my personal profile / page, so I will have three websites, and my personal website is Katie & Emil and I will use that to talk about my interests and hobbies like self-improvement, business and personal tips, electric cars, personal finances, time management, and few other ones.

Below is visual representation of the my LinkedIn content strategy for 2022.

Going into more details LinkedIn allows me to write an article using my personal page and company page so I will use that, however first I’ll write it on my site (personal or company) as a blog post, then publish it to LinkedIn as an article, and take the LinkedIn Article’s URL and add to the blog post on my site. The main reason for using both LinkedIn article and website blog posts is that google doesn’t always pick up articles from LinkedIn and I want to ensure it is there + I want to manually submit it on Google search console and have it searchable within a day or two, to avoid duplication I include a link to LinkedIn to let google know it’s the same.

Content strategy is quite simple, business articles go to business company page, charity articles go to charity company page and anything else goes to my personal profile / page.

Occasionally I may mention my company page from my personal profile article or post and vice versa, for content that overlaps. Essentially this will let my network and followers see that I am associated with two company pages and my company pages are associated with my personal profile.

I think that this LinkedIn content strategy is a very sensible one for 2022, and I will work on the details to decide what kind of articles, posts, polls to share, and when it comes to books written by me, I will share them in both personal and company pages, depending on the context of the article or a post.

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