2021 was a great year for achieving important goals for me, which I wrote about here.

2022 looks extremely busy when it comes to goals.

Of course health is my main goal and I have two sub-goals related to that:

  1. Reduce risks of third episode of Schizophrenia which I will do by doing psychotherapy and understand myself (psychologist) which will help me to resolve my traumas and internal conflicts that are directly linked to symptoms of Schizophrenia and risks of another episode.
  2. Sort out my issues with my digestion and chronic bloating (also skin), so far I did lots of tests over the years, had a few sessions with specialists and nothing helped. This years I’ll start with an awards winning Polish dietitian that specializes in genetics and Schizophrenia, I intend to continue with various tests, I plan to do colonoscopy and see if I find anything that would explain my issues.

My second most important goal is developing my Power BI consulting business, we officially started in October 2021, and hope to have a few more projects in 2022, my goal is to get profit of £50k in 2022, but if things go well that might be much higher.

I also plan to progress my goal to achieve financial freedom and buy about 4 properties and get passive income of around £10k after tax in 2022.

I also plan to set up a charity KOKORO Intelligence and help unemployed get a job in BI, I hope to help several hundred people, and if things go very well I may hit an ambitious goal of 1,000 people.

I also plan to make a lot of research related to Schizophrenia as I do hope to try help people with Schizophrenia get a job in BI as employment rate with this mental health disorder is <10% but I believe with psychotherapy and coaching it should be much higher.

Part of my charity vision I will also aim to create a framework and system (PowerApps + Dataverse) so people can follow to get best results, and I also hope to share it publicly so other people can also use it and get better results.

Final goal is to write a number of short books and simply dump all my knowledge and ideas into a few books, all will be for free.

I have found an Excel template and I updated it a bit to get a summary of goals and use it on my laptop’s background.

Take care


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