I wanted to be financially free for a long time, but I never really believed I can.

It’s interesting how we can limit ourselves by having believes that are not necessarily a reflection of reality, fortunately there are a number of different ways and techniques to help us change our beliefs, which I have used to help myself, and use during my life coaching sessions with clients, but most importantly it’s about results.

So, how well did I do in my first year of achieving financial freedom?

I earned £120k (before tax), £80k take home, I spent £30k, I saved £50k (most of which went to pay off debts which was a result of my serious illness in 2018).

Getting started was hard, but once I get going it was relatively easy to achieve, I only had to learn a few new things and implement them in my life. Most important was to find a way to control my expenses which I do now with a method I call “proactive spending” and it works well for me.

The remaining important aspect I need to achieve is high return on investments which I hope to start in 2021 and invest in properties.

If I continue to save £50k/year which looks doable as I managed to do that in 2020, and I get 10% ROI (after tax) from property investments then in theory I should be financially free at the beginning of 2025 where my passive income from properties in theory will be greater then my expenses.

My 2021 goal is to buy a residential property and rent two rooms as currently I spend 51% of my time in the UK and 49% in Poland with my family and see how things will work out in practice and experience the process of buying a property which I hope to repeat once a year with buy-to-let mortgages.

If you are interested in achieving financial freedom, look out for an invite for financial freedom dashboard webinars later this year or check our upcoming webinars. Recordings will be available on our website.

LinkedIn: My financial freedom 2020 progress.

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