Two years ago I decided to set up realistic goals for each year and try my best to achieve them, last year I decided that I want to progress with achieving my financial freedom goal, learn more about my personality and true self, and improve my health.

I’m very glad to say this was one of the best years I had when it comes to achieving my goals.

I released a book in Jan 2021 “A Career with Microsoft Power BI“, my financial freedom goal progressed very well, I hit my savings goal, and bought a flat which I rent 6 months a year and gives me £8k extra after tax (Which is 50% ROI + increase of property value).

I have read books and articles related to personality, main book being Quiet, and I have found a psychologist specializing in personalities and I really enjoy the sessions, they help me resolve my internal conflicts (consciousness vs unconsciousness), better understand myself and others, which is important for me, have more confidence in who I am and figure out myself and what I enjoy most in life, which helps me to live a more purposeful life.

Finally, and most importantly my health has considerably improved, I have Schizophrenia and I had mental limit so I couldn’t work for as long as I wanted every day, I slept 12-14h a day and had symptoms of Schizophrenia which would be related to running thoughts, unclear thinking, confusion, emotional problems etc.

One of the most important aspects was that I did research related to my issues and Schizophrenia and I found a few interesting articles that helped me to make the right decisions. I started to take Focus Elite (contain Ginko Biloba) which has increase my mental capacity, I increased dosage to 2 and sometimes 3 which also helped, but I still had mental limit, I found psychotherapists specializing in EFT and similar techniques, and I experienced improvement, after few months my psychiatrist said I can stop medication, however I had return of symptoms when I was in severe pain for over a week (kidney stones) and started to have increased symptoms of schizophrenia so we re-introduced medication but for just 1 month, since re-introduction I decided to continue with psychotherapy and thanks to my psychologist (personalities) I managed to find hidden and blocked emotions and managed to resolve them during EFT sessions, the result was that my symptoms pretty much disappeared, my sleep considerably improved and I now sleep 7-8h a day (4h to 7h more time a day!), my mental limit has disappeared and I take only 1 focus elite in the morning and my issues with getting up and evening where I was going into some kind of “half-sleep” where I was conscious but started to dream usually stupid and annoying things, also disappeared.

I will continue session in 2022 and hope to sort out myself even more and reduce risks of third episode of Schizophrenia.

This was a great year, and because I managed to sort out myself in many aspects I also decided to volunteer 5h to 10h a week to a charity which will be my own called KOKORO Intelligence, which I’ll be setting up early in 2022 which first project is to help unemployed get a job in BI (including people with Schizophrenia) and so far I had several session and enjoyed them a lot as I could see how much impact I have on people I spoke with.

Take care


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