Why life coaching?

You may have reasons why to use life coaching and I would like to give you reasons why to do it with me.

First of all, I focus on reality, and helping you do things that will provide you results in the real world. I’ve tried self-improvement strategies and techniques on myself and realized that our mind can play tricks on us and what we do, believe or think is not necessarily a reflection of reality we live in or what we want to achieve.

My strategy is to clearly define a goal that we can measure against reality. Simple as that. If we don’t do that, my experience is that we may go in circles for a while or do things that don’t really get as any closer to our goals.

Secondly, I focus on goals that I have achieved myself or have knowledge in a topic that can help you move a step forward in the right direction.

This can be:

  • Defining and tracking life goals.
  • Career in Business Intelligence or Power BI (my speciality).
    • Using Power BI in your business.
  • Re-programming mind & body.
    • Changing beliefs.
    • Dealing with unresolved emotions (trauma, bad experience etc.).
  • Understanding personality, life values.
  • Financial Freedom.
  • Property investment.

Am I the right life coach for you?

Reality is, that we don’t know unless we try, that’s why I offer free introduction call to give ourselves an opportunity to learn more about your goal, needs, success criteria and how I do life coaching.

I also realize that most people may not try coaching because they think it’s not going to work for them. This is a valid concern and that’s why every session I do is money back guaranteed, so if you don’t like it in any way, you pay nothing, otherwise we just move on to another helpful session.

My current pricing is £100/h + VAT (if applicable) and I accept PayPal/Debit/Credit cards.

To schedule a free introduction call, send me a message on LinkedIn.

Take care


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