In May 2021 we officially offer a Power BI consulting global service called Flexi Team.

Before 2018 I was contracting, relocating for contracts and expected a baby and it was time where I finally decided that with my wealth of experience in BI with Microsoft BI tools, it’s time to make a strategic decision to grow not as a contractor but as a Power BI consulting business.

My main motivators were both personal & business related. From a personal perspective I knew that relocating for contracts is not really convenient when starting a family, and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my wife Katie and my baby. I personally for many years desired a remote work, but did not have many contract opportunities for that, so one of my key consideration for Power BI Consulting business was to figure how to create a service that is mainly remote and offer many benefits to the client.

I thought that is going to be relatively hard, but then in 2020 Covid-19 came and almost everyone in IT started to work remotely! It was a breakthrough for me, as my biggest client’s perceived blocker was removed as people & businesses started to work remotely, and there was no longer any problem with it, with many people now preferring remote without having to do long commutes etc.

The biggest benefit I saw in remote services for clients was lower consulting day rates, where you no longer have to pay for commuting for a project which could be easily £100-£250 extra per day.

The second benefit of remote working was that we could offer our Power BI consulting services globally, so anyone around the world who is interested in our services could hire us for a Power BI project, however we want to take advantage of that and think about a way to lower the price.

The way we managed to lower our price is to have a team of developers which would be ourselves (Katie & Emil) and a number of team members around the global from countries like India who’s where market rates for a Power BI developer is considerably lower, with that in mind, we knew that client will prefer either local developer (same country) or lower price where a developer can be anywhere from around the world, which created two variations of our Flexi Team: Global Flexi team & Local Flexi Team.

We are based in the UK however Local Flexi Team, means that developers are local to your country, so if a client is US based, we can provide US based developers.

So we covered, remote working and location which we believe are two major factors when deciding to hire us.

However what we advertise as our biggest selling points are not remote working and location but:

  • Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Great price!

Before I delve into the details, let me explain what is a Flexi Team. Unlike an employee, contractor or other consulting services, you do not get a dedicated resource, you get a team of Power BI experts who work collaboratively on your project (essentially on a part-time basis) and the project itself and clients expectations are managed by Emil (and in the future, when we grow will be managed by a Senior Power BI Project Manager / consultant).

This is a fundamental consideration of our Flexi Team, thanks to this design the clients get loads of benefits which are:

  1. Expertise

The project is managed by Emil so you get a Power BI & BI Expert who will cover Project management, Architecture, Design and manage client expectations.

You also get Power BI Experts, however one of the biggest challenges in Power BI is to find someone who knows it all, that’s very rare, and if you do find someone, it’s usually very expensive, so in reality when clients look for a employee or contractor they have to comprise in order to find someone to fit the budget in a reasonable amount of time or they have to increase the budget and hope that they will find this rare person.

Our flexi team is split into various subject matter experts roles which can be project management , architecture, design, data visualization, power query (ETL), DAX, Administration etc., and we get an expert only in a single or limited roles which essentially means the market rate for a developer is lower and we can pass this savings to our clients by offering excellent expertise for less.

I would also like to highlight the expertise means you get top quality Power BI solutions & excellent efficiency, but simple for less.

2. Flexibility

Our Flexi Team works collaboratively on a project (usually part-time basis) and that means when a client comes in with a project, whether it’s ad-hoc piece of work, part-time or full-time project, we can easily accommodate most needs at a very short notice and also the client has the option to choose the flexi team location (global vs local).

In practice that means that we take smaller pieces of work that is common for business driven Power BI projects, but can also accommodate larger IT driven projects, whether it’s for a single person or a team, and if the demand changing, we can easily adapt, and scale up or scale down the team at short notice.

3. Great Price

I mentioned remote working and location which considerably lower costs, but we also don’t have any costs related to our own offices (home based), marketing etc., which means our clients get offered the lowest possible price.

For comparison a typical UK based contractor costs £500/day + 20% agency fee = £600/day for comparison our prices start from £250/day for a global team and £375/day for a local team (e.g. UK based). The price can be a bit higher depending on the size, duration, complexity and urgency of the project.

Let’s think about it instead of £600/day you can have Global Team for £250 that is a saving of 58%! however you may prefer to spend your entire budget and that means instead of 7.5h a day you can get up to 18h a day! or up to 12h a day for UK Flexi Team.

Most importantly remember you get top quality solution, delivery and efficiency which often adds up to the list of benefits, and which I will cover in more details in separate articles.

What about permanent employee? Typical UK Power BI Developer is £50k + Employer National Insurance 13.8%, bonus, pension contribution, benefits, recruitment costs etc. so true cost is about £75k which is £350/day so our global team is cheaper and UK team is a little bit more expensive, but for flexibility and efficiency you get it’s likely to be very close to a permanent employee, which means our Expertise, Flexibility and Great price is designed to satisfy both short term and long term client needs.

If you have a question about our Flexi Team please send me a message on LinkedIn Emil Glownia.

Take care


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