How to start career in SQL Server?

There are many different jobs and career paths available with Microsoft SQL Server, and past best is SQL Server is very popular so a lot of companies use it and need people with knowledge and skills to help them.

Career in SQL Server

Let's start with available roles:

  • Data Analyst (using SQL Server)
  • Database Developer (T-SQL)
  • Database Administration (DBA / T-SQL)
  • Report Developer (SSRS)
  • ETL Developer (SSIS)
  • Cube Developer (SSAS)
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Consultant
  • Manager
  • Analyst
  • Tester
  • Programmer
  • and few other ones.

How to start your career?

If you would like to simply study a lot first then I recommend to read What should I study first? This is most suitable for those who are new to SQL Server or already have a job and would like to simply improve their skills so when an opportunity comes then can use.

Second approach is to choose which role you are aiming for and study towards it. You can use our top menu and select career, to see available roles we have.

Take care