We believe transparent and flexible pricing is important in decision making and therefore we have come up with a way to help you find our our price per day using our pricing calculator.

In this article I’ll give you more information about how to use the calculator.

The main questions you need to ask yourselves are:

  1. Is Flexi Team physical location important to you? If it isn’t we recommended Global Flexi Team which is exceptionally good price, if location does matter to you then we offer Local Flexi Team which means we will find a Flexi Team member who is located in the same country as you.
  2. How complex is the project? Our pricing varies depending on the complexity of the project, so you pay less for lower complexity and a bit more for higher complexity, but it’s important to realize that as much as you may pay more for high complexity projects, the efficiency of the team is around 95% therefore total cost of the project is still going to be the lowest possible, because you get Flexi Team members that specialize in high complexity projects.
  3. How urgent is the project? Urgency essentially is a way to save money by simply doing planning in advance and reducing the need for high urgency tasks. This option is ideal for companies who would like to keep the cost of the project to absolute minimum.
  4. What is the type of the project? We offer our services for full-time, part-time and ad-hoc projects, and the price a bit higher for part-time and ad-hoc projects as these tend to be smaller projects and our costs are a bit higher for them.
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