Those who attended my webinar Financial Freedom Power BI Dashboard, and those who registered and didn’t make it can use this page to access the following items:

  1. View Webinar Recording 19th of April 2021 (YouTube).
  2. Download Power BI Financial Freedom Dashboard file 19th of April 2021 (Zip file).
  3. Learn how to use the dashboard with your own data.
  4. Download PowerPoint Presentation file.

Want more?

  1. If you want more webinars like this one, join our meetup group.
  2. If you would like to have a one to one video chat with me, I recommend to check my life coaching services (first meeting is for free) + 30% off for coaching. Check out my coaching page.
  3. If you are interested in a career with Power BI I recommend my book “A career with Microsoft Power BI”.
  4. If you want to keep in touch or see our latest posts, please connect with us (or follow us) on Linked In:
    1. Emil Glownia LinkedIn
    2. Katie Glownia LinkedIn
    3. Katie & Emil LinkedIn Company page, used for Power BI posts.
  5. If your company is interested in using Power BI, please check our Power BI Services.

Take care


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