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Topic # Course Name Total Lessons
Members1Get most out of your learning0
T-SQL1Introduction to databases4
T-SQL2Getting Started with SQL Server7
T-SQL3Introduction to T-SQL4
T-SQL4SQL Select Statement1
T-SQL5SQL From (joins)1
T-SQL6SQL Where Clause0
T-SQL7SQL Group By Clause3
T-SQL8SQL Having Clause1
T-SQL9SQL Order By Clause0
T-SQL10Basic String Functions8
T-SQL11Aggregate Functions5
T-SQL12Common Functions3
T-SQL13Functions in practice5
T-SQL14SQL Server Performance Tuning Basics2
T-SQL15Table Definition7
T-SQL16Table Constraints8
T-SQL17SQL Set Operators4
T-SQL18SQL Delete, Update, Insert7
T-SQL19Policy Based Management4
T-SQL20SQL Server and AdventureWorks Installations3
T-SQL21Database Administration7
T-SQL22SQL Views, Functions, Index5
T-SQL23Stored Procedure Fundamentals1
T-SQL24SQL Server Settings and Options2
T-SQL25SQL Server Security and Configuration5
T-SQL2670-461 Practice Tests6
T-SQL27T-SQL Interview Preparations8
SSRS1Introduction to SSRS9
SSRS2Common Functions and Expressions3
SSRS3Report Key Features3
SSRS4Custom Code Functions2
SSRS5Boot Camp: SSRS Developer in 10 weeks8
SSRS6SSRS Interview Preparations2
Hyper-V1Getting Started with Hyper-V0
SSIS1Introduction to SSIS4
SSIS2Data Flow Sources3
SSIS3Basic Transformations7
SSIS4Common Transformations5
SSIS5Other Transformations2
SSIS6SCD Transformation (native)2
SSIS7Data Flow Destinations0
SSIS8Control Flow Tasks2
SSIS9Precedence Constraint0
SSIS11Configuration with 20126
SSIS12SSIS Project Deployment0
SSIS13Performance Tuning0
SSIS14Common Errors1
SSIS15SSIS Interview Preparations3
SSAS1SSAS Tabular Basics0
Excel1Office Install and Uninstall0
Excel2Spreadsheet Overview4
Excel3Navigation Basics2
Excel4Working with cells and data0
Excel5Common Functionality1
Excel7String Functions7
Excel8Date Functions6
Excel9Aggregate Functions4
Excel10Database Functions3
Excel11Vlookup Function4
Excel12Other Functions1
To Do1SSAS Random Pages1
To Do2Getting started with Power BI Desktop0