You are at the top of the organization.
Your decisions are critical for the success of your organization.

What are you good at?

A large part of leadership is THINKING!
You think about solutions to problems, how to make things better, how to avoid risks, how to grow and scale the business, sometimes how to survive crises and more.

Understanding reality!

A large part of thinking is around understanding the world or environment we live in, the better we understand it the more predictable it is, which leads to decisions that work and have a big impact on your organization.

Know your numbers!

Understanding reality relies heavily on ability to quantify it. Transforming raw data into insight is essential part of supporting your thinking and decisions.

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Power BI Experts

What do we do?

We provide Power BI Consulting services globally.

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How can we help?

We offer FREE training and assessments that are used to identify in your organization high business value data projects that have high potential to make a difference.

If you already have something in mind, we offer free onboarding package where we will help you scope the project and assess the delivery time and cost.

We Provide Best Value for Money

Typical 6-Month Project

Big Consulting

₤ 120K

120 days



120 days



120 days

Our Global Flexi Team

₤ 28.5K

76 days

Our Local Flexi Team


76 days

Our Promise

Deliver for you top quality Power BI dashboards & Reports with WOW & AHA effect that make a difference for you! + do it in the most affordable & flexible way with excellent customer service.

How are we different?

We designed a unique service called flexi team that solves all key inefficiencies, problems and minimizes risks of running a Power BI Project. We are proud of it!

Meet Our Flexi Team

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant

Co-founder who aims to provide best value solutions to client's needs & challenges.

Co-Founder, Power BI Developer

A Power BI Developer with focus on data visualization and data integration.

Ahmed (MVP, MCT)
Senior Power BI Consultant / Manager

Senior Power BI Consultant / Manager leading our Flexi Team to deliver top quality solutions for our clients.

Power BI Developer

An all round Power BI developer who can effectively deliver Power BI solutions.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer whose specialty is to add WOW effect to dashboards and reports.

Companies we helped


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