As far as I know my book “A career with Microsoft Power BI” is the first Microsoft Power BI book released in 2021! Which gives me the title of the best Microsoft Power BI book in 2021 so far! but seriously, I do believe my book will fit in nicely and has the potential to become quite popular.

So far very few people know it even exists, but here are my top reasons why I believe my book is the best Microsoft Power BI book in 2021!

1) Career focused

Unlike all other Microsoft Power BI books, my book is unique and focuses on helping people start or progress their career with Microsoft Power BI. This on it’s own can be valuable to many readers who would like to get the answers and necessary guidance.

2) My own career story

The book is also quite unique as it contains personal stories most of which relate to my career in BI with Microsoft tools and switch to Microsoft Power BI when it was released. I’m quite positive there will be a number of people who will find my stories quite interesting.

3) Practical advice and facts.

I focused on sharing a number of different tips and kept them as short and practical as possible, and used facts to support my opinion as much as possible, so the book is rather objective in my opinion.

4) Relatively short and non technical

These days I prefer short non-fiction books that are to the point and allow me to put things into practice quickly, and therefore I kept my book relatively short with about 100 pages which is around 1h to 1.5h read.

The book is non-technical and there is nothing about how to actually use Power BI, as there is already plenty of book on this subject, which makes my book quite a light read.

5) Kindle Unlimited or low price.

My book is available for free to those who have Amazon Unlimited and is priced very low for those who need to buy it.

6) Clear vision

One of the biggest benefits of reading the book is to create a clear vision for a career with Microsoft Power BI and I believe my book should be one of the first books that someone reads which gives in a short time all necessary information to create quite a detailed big picture.

My book is available on amazon. You can access the links to my book here.

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About me: Owner of a Power BI consulting business (Katie & Emil LTD) specializing in “Flexi Team” remote Power BI longer term contracts; globally (£270+/day) & in the UK (£360+/day) (LinkedIn, Website).

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