Yes, we are.

Our price per day + 95% efficiency means that our total cost of a project using global team can be much lower and local flexi team project cost can be noticeably lower with faster delivery time, you can learn more here about why true cost of a project matters?

However there many other reasons why you may choose us over a contractor employee which are:

  • Much lower cost for our global flexi team and noticeably lower price of our local team.
  • You do prefer to have a team of Power BI Experts with flexibility to scale up, scale down at short notice without the need to manage a contractor.
  • You want higher efficiency of delivering a Power BI project
  • You may prefer our expertise, quality, efficiency over what you can get from a contractor.
  • You may prefer a “package” with existing best practices, standards, processes instead of creating something from scratch.

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