Does time matter? Of course it does! We all have 24h a day, it’s pure equality in this respect.

How many of us actually make most of it? Do you care about what you do with your time?

The quality of our lives is directly linked to the quality of our time management.

In 2005 when I emigrated to UK (from Poland) I started to record my time for learning and it helped me progress a lot, as I could see facts and keep to my targets. After that I stopped doing that and tried to re-introduce time tracking a few times, but it didn’t last much.

In 2019 when I experienced second episode of Schizophrenia I decided to transform my life, but time tracking was out of the question, as I couldn’t do anything for a while so all my time was sleep and recovery (doing nothing), it took me 2.5 years to recover to a point where I was not just surviving from day to day but could actually do normal hours of 9h productive time a day.

I have been recording my time for over 6 months, just time, without activities, and my time was ok, considering I was still recovering, I had moments where my mental limit disappeared and could do like a normal person 40-50h a week productive time, but it took a bit longer to stabilize, and now I regularly do 40-45h a week.

Yesterday (2022-01-09) I decided to set up a time tracking system which would be connected to my yearly goals, routine, and ad-hoc tasks, which would account for most of my time, but then I decided that if I’m going to monitor most of my time than why not do 24 hour time tracking system? so I added an extra category to track life and work related tasks, which including sleep and decided to track 24h a day.

I will be using Azure DevOps board with 7pace time tracking plugin, and 7pace android app, and see how that goes, so far it’s quite easy, all I need to do is start a time tracker when I start a new activity, the old activity is automatically closed, so I just need a bit of self-discipline.

My plan is to have Power BI Dashboards to analyze the data and monitor my time from KPIs perspective, and moving forward I would like to build a bespoke system part of my the charity I’m setting up (KOKORO Intelligence) and give others option to use it, either as a 24 hour system or to record just productive time.

Take care


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