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Life is a journey, make most out of it.

Be your true self

Act as your true self

Take care of yourself, family, friends, community, strangers and our planet.

Emil Glownia

What do I do?

I use this website to help people discover free content that I have created or shared.

Do I sell anything?

Not on this website.

I have no problem with selling, but I sell only using my businesses.

I currently give 10% of my profits & business profits to charities or good cause and increase it by 2% each year until I die.

Enjoy your day.

What is Intelligence?

It's my favourite word!

"the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills."

It simply means, if you know a lot AND can apply it practically to achieve a desired goal, you are very intelligent in this particular topic.

Unfortunately, life is complex, and typically means gaining knowledge, skills and learning to apply it effectively in areas such as:

1) Business (Your own or Employer)
2) Life
3) Emotions
4) Mental Health

My approach

Focus on results and give myself time to move things a little bit forward each day.

About me

Emil Glownia

I survived Schizophrenia, not only that I sort out all aspects of my life and transformed my life.
I now:
* Live fairly meaningful and purposeful life
* Face challenges and problems head on
* Have time for my family and myself
* Motivate others to change their lives
* Run a Microsoft Power BI Business (Consulting, Training, Recruitment, Coaching)
* Invest in properties
* Build an online system (KOKORO Intelligence)
* Fight Mental Health stigma and raise awareness
* Help unemployed get a job in BI (free)
* Write books, create videos, articles, post tips, present on webinars, meetups, conferences.

Where can you find my content and tips?


Simply follow my profile page

If you want to start a conversation, feel free to connect and send me a message (Include message when you connect, otherwise I will 100% reject it).

Books on Amazon

"A career in IT / BI and Microsoft Power BI"

More books are coming later this year.