Power BI Contracting Affordable and Flexible

Our names are Katie & Emil (husband & wife). We are Power BI contractors offering worldwide flexible services (part-time or full-time).

If you are interested in our services, please get in touch.

Our Flexible Services

Whether you need us full time for a project or need extra resource at flexible terms, we can provide the expertise you need.

Full Time Contracts

We offer full time contracting with flexible and affordable options.

Part-Time contracts

We understand that sometimes a part-timer with the needed expertise is all you need.

Ad-hoc projects

Whether it’s a one-off project or projects from to time, we may be able to help.

Is it easy to start?

If you are new to BI or Power BI than we can provide you with the guidance and support needed to make it an easy start for you, and ensure you do it the right way from the beginning

How do we run a project?

We use agile methodology which means we focus on business priorities (cost / time ) and most new projects have these steps:

Data Discovery

In this phase we take your requirements, data and quickly put it together, so we can validate at early stage assumptions, understand better your data, data structure and assess quality of data.

Visualize & Validate

We than visualize the data, validate it makes sense with the data we have, and refine it or adjust our assumptions and needs.

First version & Iterations

Finally we work on first release of the dashboards and report which we call “perfect for now” version, and refine the reports based on user feedback. 

Ready for a video call?

Request a free call to discuss your requirements and needs in a bit more details.